Onehunga Heliport

Advanced Flight's new Heliport at Pikes Point adjacent to the Manukau Harbour has become Ampelite's first major NZ application for the Thermoclick multi-wall, translucent polycarbonate facade/cladding system.

Installed by C&A Hopkins Roofing Contractors, the Lexan Thermoclick interlocking panels were used to clad the huge 5.5m high by 9.3m wide sliding hangar doors and as cladding to a first floor storage area to provide soft glare-free diffused natural light to the building interior.

Thermoclick is a perfect choice because of its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and impact resistance - important in a high wind zone and to resist rotor/prop wash, its light weight, allowing easy manual movement of the sliding doors, its excellent thermal and acoustic performance and its long term low maintenance, weather resistant UV protected surface.

It comes in a wide range of colors and aesthetic effects.

Trendy colours